Article Preparation Rules

EMCVAN22 : Article Preparation Rules
07 Sep ~ 09 Sep

Articles preparation Rules

The article must be 1.5 spaced in A4 size, 2 cm each margins, 10 font size and in Arial text character. Articles should be written in Word 2003 or higher. Sections of the article should be respectively like this:

For Article in Turkish

Turkish title, Name(s) of author(s) and their addresses, E-mails, Orcid number(s), Turkish abstract, Turkish key words, English title, English abstract, Key words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, References.

For Article in English

English title, Name(s) of author(s) and their addresses, E-mails, Orcid number(s), English abstract, Key words, Turkish title, Turkish abstract, Turkish key words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, References.

If necessary, authors may use sub-titles. The title of each section should be written in bold and the initial letters should be written big on title. All the scientific names should be italicized in the text, if it take part in the title should be both bold and italic. Genus and species names must first be supplied with the authors in their place. Then other place names should be used only species names. Should be a blank line between sections.


 Title of Turkish articles should be 14 points. English title should be 12 points. Initial letters and surname of the author's must be greater. Address should be written under the name of the author. E-mail address of corresponding author must be given. Academic qualifications are not included in the article.

Key words

Should consist of 4-10 words.


Research topic as much as possible should be short and concise. The aim of the study should also be indicated.


References in the text must be written in parentheses (name, date). References section should be written as 10 points in alphabetical order. Names of books, articles and announcements initial letters should be big. The first letters of the names of the book, the article and the published submition should be written in large. Master's theses are not shown as a reference. References should be written in APA style in the following order (from 2019).

For Article:

Aktaş, S., Kaşık, G., Doğan, H. H. and  Öztürk, C. (2006). Two New Taxa Records for the Macrofungi of Turkey. Tr.J.of Bot., 30 (4) 209-212.

For Books:

Kaşık, G., Öztürk, C., Doğan, H. H., Aktaş, S. and Demirel, G. (2005). Mikoloji Laboratuvarı. Konya: Marifet Ofset Matbaa ve Kağıtçılık.

For Congress Book:

Önay, A. O., Kaşık, G., Alkan, S. and Öztürk, C. (2018). Pleurotus ostreatus’un Misel Gelişmesine Humik Maddelerin Etkisinin Araştırılması. Ö. Türkmen ve M. Paksoy (Ed.), II. International Eurasian Agriculture and Natural Sciences Congress Book of Full Text, (ss.22-29). Bakü-Azerbaijan.

Tables and figures 

All images (photographs, drawings, graphs, maps, etc..) should be named as figure. All figures and tables should be numbered consecutively in the text. The sizes of tables and figures 14×20 cm should not be greater than. Figures must be original. Photos must be at least 600 dpi resolution or must be scanned. Figures must be separate from the main article "jpeg" should be sent to the file. Figure name should be written under figure and should be 10 points. Table name should be written on top of the table and should be 10 points.